communication culture

Communications Culture: Diminishing Apertures of Opportunity

It might just be me but I feel an utter irony and sense of futility that the acceleration of our cultural, cognitive and communications systems has passed a threshold (or is it an event horizon) beyond which only compressed triviliaties and inconsequential noise is able to percolate up to popular awareness.  Diminishing apertures of opportunity provide limited vehicles for the communication of complex concepts.

Compressed or abbreviated formats and bundles of information require, for instance (or as an example), the use of complex words or compound references to other complex words and references which in general fail to find purchase or semantic anchor as the broader matrix of consensus intelligibility is over-saturated with a commercially-cultivated, simple and superficial frame of reference.

We are all drowning in the effervescent noise and information entropy of cultural, economic and technological systems that in the first instance represent self-propagating logical abstractions which seek their own autonomously optimal self-replication, regardless of the human beings who inhabit and inflate those information and energy-processing systems and communications spaces.

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