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The Strategic Void of Technological Juggernauts

Context: Quantum computers are on the path to solving bigger problems for BMW, LG and others I am curious as to the strategy and/or lack of one here. Quantum Computing finds itself well-placed to negotiate a range of mathematically intricate issues that have commercial applications. Just as with the explosively radiative speciation of AI, the […]


Competition and Commercialism in Near-Earth Orbit

Context: Solving the space junk problem In any conceptual domain (such as future configurations of Near Earth Orbit) where there are many degrees of lliteral-spatial, commercial, strategic or technological freedom beyond the most overt saliences of interest – the over-population mentioned in the abstract – we will probably find that ambiguities and unknowns will be […]

Alien Anthropology

Countering Fake Brands

This issue of Fake Brands and commercial “knock-offs” represents interesting problem. These clearly exist on a spectrum that begins with the dodgy Rolex bought from a street vendor and ends with potentially life-threatening fake medicines. Most solutions appear to be retrospective, reactive and post facto attempts to influence behaviour or punish those purposefully profiting from […]

business Philosophy

Business Systems, “Best Practice” and Self-propagating Bureaucracy

Questions could (and should) be asked of the extent to which systems, architectures, models and programs can be (and are) produced for the primary self-interest of the organisations which provide those solutions. Bureaucracies and (all of) their diverse hierarchical predecessors, for instance, are classically-versed in the dark arts of creating systems and mechanisms that generate […]

communication culture

Communications Culture: Diminishing Apertures of Opportunity

It might just be me but I feel an utter irony and sense of futility that the acceleration of our cultural, cognitive and communications systems has passed a threshold (or is it an event horizon) beyond which only compressed triviliaties and inconsequential noise is able to percolate up to popular awareness.  Diminishing apertures of opportunity […]

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Manufacturing Loneliness

Psychological deficits and emotional asymmetry may the price (or at least – the cost) of social, economic and cultural continuity.

advertising culture

What is the Function of Commercial Culture ?

  Digital television was progressively rolled out over a period of several years. I find it ironic that although I now have several dozen channels to choose from I still remain fairly exclusively interested in the content of about four or five non-commercial channels. I find myself for the most part irritated, distracted and annoyed […]