Octopus Farming: What is the (actual) product here?

Work into refining the viability of octopus farming continues apace. I doubt that there is any other animal on Earth the farming of which would so closely resemble the cultivation of extraterrestrial life.

Reflections on a big(ger) picture: In what ways does accelerated aquaculture only continue to generate the problems which have led to the scarcity of the food source? The economics of food seems to be a leaking bucket which can only ever in the long-term drive up prices and directly or indirectly does so through the unacknowledged dependency on an accelerated (contextual) environmental degradation.

An underlying logic of this may be that the product here is not in fact (and counter-intuitively!) food, but it is the production of an increasing value of a diminishing resource which, in becoming less common drives up monetary value and implicitly, endemically (and unwittingly) generates the economic, environmental and industrial conditions which generate complex feedback loops that provide further economic value by further diminishing both the natural food-stock supply and the integrated ecosystems that support it.

An instance of a ubiquitous, distributed and generally unacknowledged problem of this little world of ours: commercialism’s Catch-22.

Ethical questions remains open…

Context: Scientists Have Warned That We Absolutely Must Not Farm Octopuses

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