The Necessity of Cognitive Bias

I honestly wonder sometimes if we make sense of the world or if the world makes sense of (and through) us; it is most certainly true that the information patterns of this world inhabit our minds just as much as we inhabit them. Cognitive biases, for instance, are those endemic psychological faux pas through which we (all) introduce information-bearing difference as entropy and dissonance into systems aspiring to rational fidelity and distributed cultural sense-making.

Perhaps these functional “bugs” of our cognitive and cultural operating systems persist because they provide some selection or survival advantage to the continuing self-propagation of the gestalt (i.e. “holistic”) information and energy-processing system(s) of which we are part and through which we think and live. These systems cultivate implicit information entropy and autonomously seek optimal methods of self-replication by metamorphosis.

What we perceive as a ubiquitous psychological discontinuity, a logical vulnerability and a constant source of poor judgement might (also) be one of the methods by which these complex linguistic and cognitive methods seek their own (blind) continuity – through a transmission medium of human minds and actions.

Context: 50 Cognitive Biases in the Modern World

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