Alien Anthropology

Global Unity and Environmental Sustainability

The problem of Global Peace is synchronous, co-existent and reflexively resonant with the critical existential problem of environmental continuity. The conspicuous absence of unity in the International Society of Nations (such as it is) is an indication, not of failure, but of the logical presence of unity and wholeness as a distributed and manifest absence or structural discontinuity and procedurally-encoded vacuum or entropic void in material systems. Unity is not present because it can *not* be: there is an irreducible antinomy in the fact that Whole and Complete systems must in some measure also (and enigmatically) contain themselves and are for this reason are only ever able to resolve to an utterly open, transient and incomplete systems-configuration.

It is a subtle and complex matter, and one for which the complicated machines and decaying factories of conventional thought and those many slow-moving leviathans of instititutional governance are rather poorly-equipped, at a core conceptual level. We already possess (evolving) intellectual systems and frameworks sufficient to survive and to thrive as a sustainable civilisation but even while the sciences of complexity, physics and biology eloquently speak these powerful truths – there are few who can hear them over the constant noise and confusion of our hyper-inflating, self-gravitating and endlessly-vacuous, adversarially-futile (Globally-shared) political, ideological and cultural information spaces; and there are even fewer who listening.

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