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COVID-19: Pandemic Logic

From a purely logical standpoint – the implicit, endemic and enduring possibility for (and probability of) systemic extensibility is by recursive insight and bootstrapped self-inflection back into the structure of a system itself. The most profoundly deleterious vulnerabilities in, for instance, Cybersecurity are those 0-day pearls which, like axiomatic booby-traps just waiting to be triggered (i.e. discovered) lie in the Platonic logical depths of every system, lurking in the shadows.

Consider the forms and flows of socioeconomic reality, of proximity, of behaviour, of distance and difference or information, of variously transactional and temporal oscillation, this extended and indefinitely-extensible corporeal and cognitive inversion of human being that constitutes our Global civilisation – these have demonstrated themselves to be simultaneously our strength AND our weakness. The contours and arcs, the epidemiological vectors and transmission medium of contagion are themselves the normative and everyday facts of our lives; precisely, also, those unquestioned facts that have now become so conspicuous by their absence, in isolation and “lockdown”.

My interest is the logical dimensions of analysis in this problem space.

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I’m all for globalization: one world, one people, trading, cooperating, and inspiring … but the flip side of globalization is epidemiological, competition to the death for scarce resources, exploitation, and wars. We are discovering what happens when a virus goes viral.

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The flaw in the system, the Global Socioeconomic system, is (among other issues) that the “invisible hand” of the market is autonomously-oriented towards it’s own systemic tenure and continuity over everything else. The system evolves in ways which adaptively adjust it’s environment for it’s own continuity – this is how complex information systems function. So – this system is oriented towards it’s own adversarial self-replication, beyond ideology, economics or politics and all of our responses and reactions – both for and against – it are (or to this point have been) ineffectual, inept.

People who understand the underlying dynamics (and who could constructively interdict the hot mess of Global confusion) are actively filtered-out by what might be an indirect and unconscious but certainly emergent and undirected socioeconomic, academic and ideological auto-immune system.

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