Alien Anthropology

Pandemic Panic

All of this pandemic panic, emotional disassembly and socioeconomic dissolution; how much more evidence do we need? Not so much for the corruption of this or that ideology or political ideal, but for the utter corruption and intellectual poverty of all ideological and political positions, assertions and beliefs? Reflexively attaching ourselves to whichever form of government and acquired – or entrained – form of life that most effectively masks the psychological insecurity that is our mind’s irreducible burden, we there seek to retrospectively define reasons and rationales or self-validations for those beliefs.

This is the basis for all dystopian inevitability: even good ideas become swept up and away by their own self-propagating momentum and there, detached from any substantive anchor or foundation that they may once have had in reality, they recursively bootstrap themselves up and off into the hyper-inflating self-referential spaces of their own narcissistic self-obsession. Look closely at the world – all of these systems and philosophical positions eventually generate their own “weather patterns” and there, somewhere between riot police of our collective imagination and their pitchfork and torch-wielding antitheses we find ourselves endlessly crushed by the futile gullibility and meaninglessness of Global history.

Humanity’s fascination with it’s own aspiration to omnipotent tribal or psychological power is so vastly invalidated by the terrible violence that occurs in this cosmos that it is quite probably better that we remain, on the whole, ignorant of just how insignificant we really are. These fragile egos are far too delicate to consume the facts of their own ultimate impotence, a whole world order built a fantasy of self-importance and meaning would deflate like a punctured tyre.

2 replies on “Pandemic Panic”

…our greatest ever (shared) misunderstanding has been to assert, to cling to a belief that we were ever truly anything other than manifestations, instances of these parallel voids and existential bookends of uncaused or accidental living being and simultaneous dissolution-as-death. We are each and (all) the living self-inflection of an endlessly inward-spiralling symmetry, energy or information-and-entropy that is not a presence without or in negation of absence, but the mysterious presence OF absence; the presence of self-negation.

There are no differences, no distinctions (at this level) and that is the mischievous vacuum of difference-as-distinction (and vice versa) that we can never fully understand; we do not need to – it is endless, it is emptiness and it is a groundless beauty. It is us.


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