No Limits

Is it really so? Is ICT or any other language and hyper-extended (or reflexive) cognition really the limit of our world? That would surely to be to assume that that world – any world – was in some aspirational sense bounded, complete, even if only by, in or of itself; but the language, the grammar and the variegated spectrums of dragging structural anchor we inhabit – and that, equally, inhabit us – they reflect more our limited, psychologically-reflexive aspirations to completeness (and paradoxical self-containment) than any intrinsic boundary or limit.

The logical complement of all that can be said or proven to exist (as structure or technology) is the distributed presence of it’s own ineffable totality; the presence of absence. The absence of incompleteness or metaphysical vacuum that is “beyond” is also an undifferentiated emptiness and discontinuity “within”. Technology of self, of language, of communication – it is the mezzanine between two infinities which are really one; entangled. Limit under this view is illusory, but then and by that measure, so are we.

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