Alien Anthropology

Riots and Disinformation: the United States of Disunity

Context: Officials see extremist groups, disinformation in protests

A Gordian Knot. How much of this disinformation is generated internally and how much externally to national borders? Have we all (i.e. Globally) arrived in a set of circumstances that suggest that, functionally – at least, the differentiation of source and attribution is not as (ultimately) significant as is the cultivation of a context and environment that is NOT optimised for the reproduction of such dissonance and unproductive entropy?

An absence of coordinated response at an Executive level suggests that the rudderless vessel that arrived, partially on the surging emergence of “ambiguous truth values” across national and Global communications systems, is dramatically under-equipped and lacking sufficient sophistication or intelligence to negotiate a dissonant information environment that they themselves have sought to maximally exploit for advantage.

A genuine worry here is that the problem becomes a hornet’s nest, beaten with the sticks of a partisan political adversarialism and reactionary ideology which itself only benefits from enduring dissociative fractures in national unity. Compelling, unifying narratives beyond adversarial partisanship may be distant, and difficult, but the view from here is that they are a solution.

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