Alien Anthropology

Riots and Disinformation: the United States of Disunity

Context: Officials see extremist groups, disinformation in protests A Gordian Knot. How much of this disinformation is generated internally and how much externally to national borders? Have we all (i.e. Globally) arrived in a set of circumstances that suggest that, functionally – at least, the differentiation of source and attribution is not as (ultimately) significant […]


Information, Influence and Dissonance: the Utility of Fakes and Errors in System Self-Propagation

Information systems, viewed from a gestalt/holistic perspective, possess many properties we might otherwise recognise as self-propagation, “emergence” or self-organisation. The presence of values attributed semantic (or logical) properties of truth or falsity at a level of cognition or language may be purely incidental. From a Global Systems perspective, information systems autonomously pursue the optimal means […]


Active Measures: information, physics, influence and censorship in cyberspace

It is interesting that active intervention, interdiction and an assertion of ideological self-interest through campaigns of enthusiastic (technologically-facilitated) censorship are probably the most expensive and least efficient ways of achieving information-centric goals. It is like attempting to cool a building by adding cold air – far more expensive in terms of energy, resources and information-processing […]


Information Entropy: Countering Propaganda

Falsity carries less information, less entropy and consequently travels more efficiently through a transmission medium.


The Imitation Game: Information and Persuasion

This contemporary information and communications technology environment provides a rich and fertile testbed for observing, borrowing and repurposing concepts and methods of influence and persuasion-for-effect.