Alien Anthropology

Authoritarian Vacuum and the Chaos that Follows

Which begs the question: if individuals tend on average towards a path of least resistance and select (or become selected by) a singular – or authoritarian – narrative interpretation and filter of their world, why is it that these systems in which there is no (or at least a sudden vacuum of) overarching meta-narrative find themselves so prone to accelerated disassembly?

Meta-systemic analyses of historical and cultural systems suggests that these catastrophic decentralisations exist, not because they are any kind of inevitable “bellum omnium contra omnes”, but because there is some sense in which gestalt political system self-propagation requires or autonomously cultivates a plausible necessity of radical, dramatic and (sadly, often enough) internecine reconfiguration events.

The gestalt whole of any system lumbers along unknowingly from one phase state to another and largely, I suspect, not because of a lack of implicitly self-organising order but because the human preponderance towards a projection of narrow ends and limited interpretations generates dissonance. We assert unsustainable patterns of order over what might otherwise become quite happily self-propagating and sustainably-continuous information and energy-processing entities and artefacts.

Food for thought…

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