Organisational Philosophers?

The art of the concept (as Philosophy) is one which, perhaps, largely sits outside the grammatical and behavioural constraints of non-trivially sophisticated (i.e. complex) organisational or corporate systems, and for all that it remains as plausibly unintelligible to those systems as it simultaneously embodies inestimable value for them. It is in many ways not that which is known which is of most utility, but that which is not and the paths to it are as turbulent and disconcerting as are the consequences of engaging with it.

In any case, which philosophy? As though there were only one or that the aspiration to declare boundaries and limits on the vast and hyper-inflating referential spaces to which the discipline seeks to apply itself possessed anything beyond the autonomous assertion of self-validation or boundary that all academic, organisational or specialist technical systems are heir to. This is the enigma of knowledge: we seek sustainable continuity through structured order but inadvertently disregard that the value and the utility (of all future growth and innovation) sits precisely and counter-intuitively in that blind-spot of unpredictable information entropy and emergent complexity that dwells, mischievously, beyond those boundaries.

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