Does Technology See Us as We See Ourselves?

I’m looking through you… where did you go?

Technology is always and already the cognitive hyper-extension of our minds and the many ways in which we may choose (or be chosen) to see ourselves through the diverse manifestations of this technology constitute the complex forms of introspective life that we (perhaps inadvertently) inhabit. The material extension and concrete presence of technology masks it’s logically recursive intension and the complex interior and hyper-inflating referential spaces of our psychological and cultural worlds.

In many ways, technology functions not unlike a virus that exploits a host through phenotype extension to outsource and offload it’s own developmental and material, energy processing or computational requirements to us. It is a blindly self-propagating information and energy-processing system that exploits the arc and contour of our own minds, our needs and a distributed, shared socioeconomic metabolism.

These revelations have little place beyond a pure philosophy of technology except that the complex and sustained effort required to conceptually comprehend them also sustains a matrix of risk, of resilience and of (a) recombinatory logic as the constitutive essence of cyber (in)security.

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