Embracing Emptiness

There’s nothing there…

Wittgenstein once remarked that when addressing mystery and that which lies beyond language (and thus – beyond cognition) we should remain silent as there is nothing useful that can be said.

He was correct, but for the wrong reason.

That which lies beyond language and structural or grammatical utility does not necessarily (or at least – in part) lie beyond experience or sentience, it is not of necessity beyond consciousness – it is beyond structured, communicable experience.

Not saying anything, remaining silent is by presence of an absence in fact the most powerful statement we can make in aspirational gesture to that metaphysical unity and completeness that necessarily lies beyond logic and thought or cognition.

For this reason: love whispers heart-breaking truths to us from a void that rationality can never attain.

Wisdom here lies in that the metaphysical void beyond is no different to the logical discontinuity and vacuum within and that right there is where an emergent unity resides, conspicuous as it is by its absence in our shared world of structure and language or brute-forced order.

Ironically, no one is listening so I might as well remain silent.

Beating yourself up over nothing…

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