Enigma: Everything is Self-Representation but Nothing is Self

Consider how all art, all self-expression can only ever be the hyper-inflating interior surface of some compound, complex emptiness; how from nothing we have made everything (possible) and how the rich curvature and self-inflected acceleration of all thought, all culture and all reality was always (and already) the mischievous logical negation of unity, of completeness […]


On Knowing Nothing: A Consolation of Philosophy

In seeking truth and meaning I find that I must return again and again to the endless mysteries of emptiness, negation and nothingness. It is clear that any assumption of the existence of meaning (or meaningfulness) is of a different order of existence than is an equivalent assertion regarding truth. Notwithstanding that both of these […]

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The Symbolic Vacuum of Nothing

In any sequence of symbols, experiences or other functional input to our various sensory apertures, the entity and events which bear the most unexpected or surprising data are those which can be said to carry the most substantive information content. In a world awash in a semiotic soup of aspirational novelty and atention-seeking advertisements, billboards, […]

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Ex Nihilo

Only nothing comes from nothing and only nothing is effortlessly produced…

Alien Anthropology

What if there was nothing…

What if there was nothing at all?

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A Boundless Cosmos

For a Universe to have spontaneously emerged from nothing may be an alternate view on the the same fact as that it has always existed. It is not the logic which fails so much as the implicit (or apparent) boundaries of our own minds.


You are not Your Own

Are you reducible to a mere bank balance, a browser-history, or a litany of parking offences ? It is because you are so much more than this that you are also, uncategorisably, implicitly, in and of your self – an emptiness and essential vacuum or void.