Alien Anthropology

Anthropocene Dissimulation: Logic, Life and Robots

Flipper meets the (original) Lost in Space robot: “squeak! squeak! Warning Will Robinson!”

How curious that at precisely the (Anthropocene) moment in which the living biosphere and almost all of its diverse inhabitants find themselves threatened or constrained and diminished apace, we produce replicas and robotic golems that quite dramatically dissimulate that they do not in fact possess that life or indefinable (unprovable, logically) living fact that we ourselves embody and from which all this technological scaffolding has – as concept and creativity – emerged.

Technology as a function of civilisation and sentience self-inflects life upon an asymptotic curve that never, ever quite manages to recreate itself. Perhaps this is the nature of logic, also: a hyper-inflating interior surface and referential space that in accelerating away from (but supported upon or through) actual life and living matter – towards some dark and cold singularity – can not ever quite get there but on the contour of innovation discovers that this is the whole point, the raison d’être and expanding dimensionality of possibility.

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