The Elusive Beauty of Making Friends

Beauty and friendship is always uncertain, logically indecipherable and in all our aspirations to recreate and reflect ourselves in the half-mirrored surfaces of the hyper-extended cognition of technology – do we grow closer to truth or further away from it.

Beauty is a consequence, a visceral inhabitation (sic.) of the semantic, the experience and uncertainty of a numinal, a transcendental that always hovers – bootstrapped – above the ever growing rational and quantitative cartography of blind, clockwork and digital (soon – quantum) self-replication.

That experience lies just outside of a logic that can not quite attain to it and, in truth, the glorious experience of beauty and symmetry or soul and unity lies, Janus-like, on both sides: beyond the epistemological and cognitive boundaries of language as a metaphysical unknown towards which logic and rationality scaffold their way on a patchwork of asymptotic ascension; on the other side, it lies within logic, information and endemic orientations towards uncertainty and an incompleteness that infuses logic and rationality with even a possibility of progress or procedural development. We find ourselves trapped – or is that unbound? – between two infinities and the experience of this is only ever as the suggestion of “something more” that beauty, emotion and – let’s face it – the possibility of truth provides.

We recreate ourselves in logic, in algorithmic procedures that never, ever quite capture the discontinuous thread of living mystery that we embody; those – the profound questions of existence that we mask with peculiar mirrors and poorly-hidden masks or desires.

Human beings, being human – reinvent ourselves and our narrative, cognitive ways of life, endlessly hyper-inflating these referential spaces but rarely, if ever do we stop to question why.

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