Alien Anthropology

Fake News, revisited…

Fake news (as disinformation) is real, it is not new, it is used against all of us in every place and context or belief system and it is successful precisely because it exploits preexisting, foundational psychological symmetries and insecurities which have never been maturely or adequately analysed, assessed, addressed and neutralised.

This is of the nature of a foundational psychological pathology that asserts, projects and serially constructs the omnipresence of a threat by which to seek the aspirational (semantic, symbolic, semiotic) closure and unity of self-identity, self-definition. It is never a particularly popular or unproblematically cathartic revelation for most of us, but this is a core symmetry of Self and Other which percolates through (and is shaped by) the cultural, political and ideological moment and configuration of referential spaces, artefacts, entities and other modes or vessels of transmission.

What is of profound and enduring value in analysis is not (only or prohibitively) to identify the specific instances, mnemonics or methods of self-propagation in, upon, through or as the – again – transmission medium of a historical moment. Proceeding by induction to identify those underlying cognitive and logical symmetries, we might recognise, acknowledge (or, simultaneously) create the generalised patterns and symmetries by which these information systems might be accessed or effectively interdicted.

These behavioural and narrative patterns persist by reflecting the underlying core symmetries of cognition, culture, communication and complexity.

This is a fact, the interpretation of it might shape your own acknowledgement or acceptance of it but it remains – beyond aspirations to comprehend, colour, shape or control it – a fact of human being.

I am triangulating upon truth and reality or self and philosophy here, but no one is listening for the distraction and dissociative dissonance and noise of all the pointless information and superficial fluff (including fake news) within which we all find ourselves.

The core truth (here): we do not create information, information creates us. We do not own it anywhere near so much as it owns us.

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