History: In the widening gyre…

Design/art from Vasjen Katro.

This (image above) is how I feel watching history unfold around me.

Our Global systems of governance, organisation and power are in essence defined (but hardly well-designed) to compel and incentivise the ascendancy of those ideas and individuals who do not – counter-intuitively – actually represent the best-interests of that world as a whole or even the institutions or ideas that they overtly or even inadvertently represent, but to provide and cultivate the channels and contours of a transmission medium through which that (human, oganisational) world itself might most effectively self-propagate.

This world of our is deeply troubled and the source of that trouble is a psychological confusion that exists, distributed across the entire surface of our cultures and belief systems and so – ironically – sits in a functional blind-spot that our systems, taxonomies and models (or – let’s face it – ideologies) fail to acknowledge or recognise.

There are solutions to our shared problems, most of which already exist in complete and final form but we all seem to be bound in a fatal orbit of terminal velocity and uncontrolled acceleration around the central singularity and discontinuity of our own ignorance.

The dissonance and dissociation of the solution invalidates the psychological selves and cultural matrices through which we self-define and here, in a nutshell, is our paradox: we can not solve the riddle of ourselves because in so doing we (also) cease to exist, or at least as we currently recognise existence, self and reality.

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