Misunderstanding Selfies

I do wonder if we perhaps miss the forest for the trees, here. The primary function and operational practice of any cognitive or cultural communications system is that of encoding self-replication as sustainable continuity. Where we are all quite intimately bound to and fascinated by these technologically-mediated interpersonal spaces, in an implicit near-narcotic and narcissistic self-celebration, it is not at base any particular instance, representational artefact or object and manifestation of self which is being created, curated, cultivated, celebrated.

It is the concept and self-validating presence of Self, of the self-propagation of abstract cultural information systems in, through and as an effervescing cornucopia of difference, sameness and self-definition – of information, entropy, dissonance, turbulence and behavioural conditioning for self-validation. Cultural systems assert optimally-concise (yet entirely autonomous, emergent) strategies of self-propagation through the carrier network of a technologically-fixated humanity that barely (if ever) realises that it is not the message but merely a transmission medium for an oscillating pattern of gestalt complex system self-replication.

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