The Oscillating Horrors of History

Context: Jonathan P. Baird: Nazi Germany and the fall of law

It is a curious property of the dissociative logic and intractable pathology of any extreme ideological position, not just to sweep along compliant and unwitting collaborators who see in the asserted “strength” of their hollow belief system a reflexive framework upon which to hang vast banners of their own insecurities, but to find tautological self-validation from within an institutional logic that is always quite readily and rapidly warped into just about any misanthropic grotesquerie whatsoever.

It represents something of an enduring failure of humanity that the social, economic and political systems by and through which we attempt to most effectively and efficiently self-organise are deeply, implicitly, irreducibly vulnerable to grift and corruption. Is this a failure of education, of leadership, of intellect? Are we engaging a complex 21st Century problem space with what are effectively anachronistic assumptions and simplistic clockwork solutions? At this point in time, sadly, the oscillating horrors of history appear to be quite irremediable.

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