Alien Anthropology

The Implicit and Hidden Weaknesses of (Digital) Authoritarianism

Context: Strong Yet Brittle: The Risks of Digital Authoritarianism There are quite probable logical and (by extension, mathematical and) distributed material or socioeconomic, not to mention strategic, senses in which a strict adherence to unwavering and inflexible closure and continuity must necessarily create the conditions of inevitable, eventual and/or accelerated structural disassembly or decline. A […]



A neurosis is a problem-solving solution that has lived past it’s use-by date and just keeps on keeping on.


Ideological Entropy

Where intellectual or ethical bankruptcy is the pivot upon which any untenable political assertion or associated narrative rests, an overinvestment in faulty reasoning becomes something of an inevitability.

Psychology Science

Concept Creep and the Necessity of Organisational Ambiguity

PTSD and psychological trauma remain empirical facts to be disentangled and negotiated through tactful intervention but the hyper-medicalisation of that knowledge and administrative reach into an individual’s experience foundationally inflates the expected contours and probable expressions of those pathologies.


On Hoarding Objects, Ideas and Organisational Inefficiencies

Buddhist psychology almost exclusively locates the preponderance of human misery in this world to the many and diverse methods by which we attach ourselves to things in the world, to objects, possessions, people and ideas…