Alien Anthropology

The Involuntary Nature of Belief

It is by way of the assertion of belief as a foundational property or quality of an interior surface or individuated self-identity that we unwittingly reproduce the information-processing systems of cognition and culture within which we are all embedded. No surprise then, perhaps, that these distributed, integrated and interdependent systems of autonomously self-propagating and aspirationally homeostatic symbolic and abstract linguistic or cognitive and communications complexity functionally outsource their processing via extended logical or information phenotypes of artefacts, minds, tribal (and partisan political) systems.

What are we to do when our complex systems science suggests that a conviction in the ascendancy of Self and individuation reveals itself as mere hollow shell and data packet for those waveforms and fields of information self-replication that pass through us, as us?

Dissonant partisanship (belief) primes the information environment for optimal gestalt pattern self-replication. To what extent are we quite simply the products and not the producers of this complex system? It is a belief in substantive individual self-determination we might usefully query.

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