Disinformation Tesseract

Disinformation is a mirrored labyrinth that no one can escape, but escaping – like truth – was never really the most important thing.

A point worth noting is: these technologically-mediated information systems possess characteristics of what is known as “emergent complexity”. The form and flow of information and energy across (and as) these systems leverage endemic and intrinsic biases towards the natural cultivation and autonomous reproduction of patterned flows of complexity.

Extreme partisanship and (its) effervescent toxicity are ascendant and persist as ongoing “shapes” or topological features of this adaptive communications system. The gestalt systems optimally and autonomously self-propagate most efficiently and effectively through a transmission medium of minds and artefacts that are “primed” for this adversarial, differential salience.

These systems are finely-tuned for the autonomous reproduction of conceptual idioms and ideological artefacts which naturally acquire an abstract (yet material) presence as symmetries within the distributed information networks. Partial approaches that are not complemented by holistic ones will always fall short because the introduction of more components only produces more degrees of freedom (as entropy) through which information systems will autonomously explore the landscape of their own optimal self-replication.

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