Disinformation Questions

Image by Adam Spizak.

Some general philosophical questions and reflections on disinformation:

To what extent is disinformation not only evidence of directed or (even, in a limited sense) desirable artefacts, belief systems or entities, and to what extent is disinformation itself an irreducible property of large-scale sociotechnical systems?

Our languages and institutional, geopolitical and self-organisational logics require we leverage difference as a tool of measurement and knowledge but to what extent does this difference itself create the ambiguities that then become weaponised against us?

Is disinformation a property that, like the endemic uncertainties and probabilistic entropy of all complex systems, can never be extinguished but may only, itself, be shaped and influenced – never contained, only ever channelled along (more) useful vectors?

Difference and divergence from fidelity to facts may be endemic to all communications systems. Should we seek to interdict, to shape or to leverage it?

Information is (after all) a measure of difference and in a context of gestalt analyses, truth and falsity each bring their own value. Information systems most effectively self-propagate where a background level of entropy is realised and in this context, disinformation is it.

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