Meaning is a Function of Probability

All meaning is a function of probability, of uncertainty or ambiguity and ignorance. As an adaptive or transient property of words, we can infer that not only is any particular or specific meaning not itself of the words to which we assert it belongs, but that meaning is an inverse property of all those other possible words (and worlds) to which it does not reference or of which it is not considered to be an instance.

Ambiguity and uncertainty are irreducible. Beyond endlessly pathological aspirations to extinguish these problematic properties of language and communication, we eventually come to understand that these tokens of ignorance are measures of strength as much as they are of vulnerability. It is in fact so often the case that strength and weakness in logic or thought run parallel and as complementary pairs that we might under any sufficiently mature, sophisticated or well-reasoned analysis of this reality infer that not only are they concurrent entities but they are in fact the divergent properties and surfaces of one singular and unified functional and adaptive topological symmetry.

It really does assist to consider that strength and weakness – or definition and ambiguity – are corollary functions of the same underlying symmetry. By this insight we might also shed light on the dual role of language as simultaneously being a tool of self-definition and a cross upon which that self is also and endlessly crucified by the unremitting replication of words and narrative systems both in and as cognition as communication. Minds must word like sharks must swim.

Language is of us but does not belong to us. It is the visceral, lived experience of an autonomously self-propagating density wave of probabilistic information presence for which we, all our choices and all our words are little more than a transmission medium and ironic absence. Language is an instance of the game that plays itself (through us) and that in all our aspirations to self-determination only exploits us – as though a predator – explicitly, relentlessly. The central goal of language systems is of recursive self-replication; we are not the owners of this process, merely the hollow vessels.

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