Global Systems

There are quite a number of critically important things in this world which remain spectacularly and enduringly conspicuous by their absence. Central among these we might place everyday idioms of wishful thinking such as peace, love, freedom and environmental sustainability. What unifies all of these things is that the ways that manifest in this world are constitutively ambiguous, uncertain, irreducible to simple or singular narratives and readily comprehended concepts or explanatory systems. This is all really another way to suggest that these things do not actually exist in any substantive or enduring sense of probability in mechanical or algorithmic logic. This is not to say that they do not gave reality or some form of mischievous presence by virtue of their shared quality of transient indefinability. It is more that these entities and concepts are of a form of decentralised, foundatiobally incomplete and unprovable reality that can only ever manifest – much as with aspirations to logical completeness – as an absence, a negation and an enduring vacuum.

The most critically important things are those that exist as and manifest through a class of entities that is not only undefined and quite impossible to capture or completely and unproblematically characterise in logic, cognition, language or communication, but this foundationally unresolvable property they exhibit is a tally what they are. The unity and peace the world might seek is no different – it is persistently absent, not because it is strictly speaking impossible, but rather that the form of existence that it is an instance of is something that can not ever be bounded. All aspirations to control or unambiguously define these critically important concepts will always fall short of their goal but it is precisely this indefinitely-extensible nature of the logic, cognition and language through which we aspire to reach the unreachable that we might indirectly acknowledge (and even comprehend) that these beautiful things exist in the necessary and recursively self-sontained resonant discontinuity of logic, of self and of world that can only ever be indirectly understood as absence, emptiness and void.

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I write to let the ideas out… but words never quite capture the concepts… which is ok, because ambiguity and uncertainty is irreducible in life. 🙂

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I read a lot and have written for many years. Sometimes words just flow like water and other times they stumble and fall, just like the people that carry them. Thanks for the kind words. The world needs more kinds words.

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