Applying a problem to itself is simultaneously: disarmingly simple and profoundly sophisticated.

Most good plans are like the best poetry and prose – they just kind of write themselves. Seek insights into your optimal strategies in life by realising that those better paths and dreams you seek are all already there in front of you, in plain sight and as a matter of logical necessity you just need to find another perspective, another viewpoint or recombination of all those components that exist and of which you are already aware. Creative intelligence is a matter of taking that which already exists and recombining it in new ways – this is how art and culture or language and mind all evolve – as complex adaptive systems. Whatever problems you are solving in your life, you will find the solutions, or at least the most powerful solutions, through applying those problems recursively (think fractals, matryoshka dolls) to themselves. This was how the modern digital computer was invented, through a recursive approach to an outstanding problem in logic and mathematics. Think… 🙂

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