Most good plans are like the best poetry and prose – they just kind of write themselves. Seek insights into your optimal strategies in life by realising that those better paths and dreams you seek are all already there in front of you, in plain sight and as a matter of logical necessity you just […]


Diversity in Organisational Leadership

Monocultural or ideological hegemony in organisational leadership is a recipe for disaster. As a general observation, when organisational systems fall into overtly biased configurations and power symmetries, it is rarely a consequence of willful misdirection. From the interior surface of a half-mirrored labyrinth of self-validating justification and institutional logic, this kind of monocultural percolation may […]

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Heuristics: Organisational Entropy 003

Bureaucracies and administrative hierarchies possess peculiarly mischievous methods of seeking sustainment and self-justification through the endless production of usefully wasteful products and services…