We don’t often acknowledge that the things we can not define or control are actually the most profound and important.

Love fascinates me. We might as easily substitute any other concept of similar ambiguity as indicated by the word “peace” or “unity” and “happiness” because, beyond any contingent or arbitrary agreement upon the structural or material facts and experiences these referential entities represent, they all exist in something of a Twilight Zone of unprovable truth.

Such ambiguity is not a burden to bear, or is at the very least not only an intractable or unmitigated cost and complication of psychological and social life. The core unprovability and limited range of consensus upon these concepts, and particularly that of love, implies not that they are negative properties by any measure of their inability to be concretely captured by the cognitive grammar and informal logical intuitions through which we self-reflexively invoke our own reality as knower or subjective selves. Rather, it is in a foundationally and irreducibly uncertain and ambiguous essence that the vacuum of plausible definition (and corollary self-definition) cultivates a shroud and veil of impermeable enigma that allows us to perceive that love is not about control, desire, sex, power or possession – it is about surrendering to a universally binding property of existence that only ever manifests directly as the mischievous presence of its own absence in our world. This is a subtle symmetry.

It is because love is indefinable that we might assert such universal significance to it. The proliferating human confusions around sex, power and control are profound corruptions of a pure and simple fact that can only ever – poetry as useful mnemonics notwithstanding – be experienced in a pre-linguistic ascent to a unity that, if and when it might ever manifest in human affairs, represents the binding presence and literal manifestation of a living enigma and mystery in (and as) life.

We find ourselves inhabiting simplistic matrices and labyrinths of technology and language that only ever drive us further away from love, peace, connection and substantive meaning in life. Technology and language is of knowing; love and peace are unknowable, undefinable and constitute the basis of a true freedom in life.

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Perhaps love has a kind of quantum weirdness: entanglement, tunneling, and coherence until it is observed (or defined), except in the case of Schrödinger’s cat (love). It lives until the door is opened, at which time it disappears in a poof, as though it had never existed. 😉

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