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Dead Heat: Climate

Context: Climate change: 2020 in a dead heat for world’s warmest year

Climate change has been off the radar for a while, it seems and while the shit-show and train-wreck of 2020 rolls on into 2021, there are some things which seem painfully obvious to me but which also, for whatever reason, seem to be profoundly inhibited as artefacts of mature, intelligent political or scientific discourse.

Solutions to the technical problems of civilisation-scale thermodynamic entropy are non-trivially aligned to the cultural schemas and conceptual vocabularies we use to self-define and self-organise; it is as much a matter of (an) ontological psychology as it is of organisational sophistication. Global problems require unified solutions in ways that we are (as a dysfunctional civilisation and international society of states) hardly mature enough to effectively consider, engage or adopt.

Technical and engineering solutions are not merely aligned to the (self-)organisational ones, they are foundationally and axiomatically identical to them. We find ourselves battling against self-propagating idioms of pathological behaviour and adversarialism (inter and intra both selves and nations) that have been the normative framework of interpretation, reality and cultural or cognitively hyper-extended technological experience for so long now that we assume that they are inevitable and represent necessary endpoints in an industrialised logic-circuit and (corollary) teleology of political and sociotechnical systems-engineering.

Yes, we can do better but no, no one is listening and nor can (apparently) they as a function of their own psychological, cultural and socioeconomic continuity accept solutions into consideration. This is bona fide Gordian Knot, it seems, requiring a Swiss Army knife complex systems solution that doesn’t sit at all well with the dinner set cutlery currently in use by Global institutions and organisations.

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