A Strategy over Lunch

I found myself attempting to explain some subtle points of holistic systems strategic symmetry over lunch today, framed in the context of sporting teams. It seems very much not that my insights or reflections were incorrect so much as that the audience for them was inappropriate. Do you ever find that in explaining a complex […]

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On Influencing Others

Context: Influencing the mind of an adversary It really makes me wonder what the future (or present) utility of statistical approaches combining neurobiological feedback orchestrated or forecasted through and as machine learning might be. The commercial extraction of utility through social media via algorithmic abbreviation and influence is clearly just such a practice. These brains […]

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Dead Heat: Climate

Context: Climate change: 2020 in a dead heat for world’s warmest year Climate change has been off the radar for a while, it seems and while the shit-show and train-wreck of 2020 rolls on into 2021, there are some things which seem painfully obvious to me but which also, for whatever reason, seem to be […]