Hardening Democracies against Disinformation and Cyber Vulnerabilities

Context: The next pandemic may be cyber — How Biden administration can stop it

Interesting article, but the centralisation of resources and administrative control is a limited and piecemeal assertion over a global and overall systemic problem:

• the irreducible, implicit and generally unacknowledged insecurity of digital technologies represents something of a leaking bucket that could do with more substantive and mature public education than those caricatures which are being rendered by proxy through popular online and broadcast media channels (i.e. this needs: integrated education campaigns);

• influence operations and campaigns leverage the endemic vulnerabilities of indefinitely-extensible information and energy-processing systems that social and economic (not to mention political, ideological or geopolitical) systems represent;

• in a curious alignment of technology and sociotechnical systems – we see in the algorithmic evolution of machine (and deep) learning systems a model for the kinds of Global technological information systems remediation and interdiction we require;

• sociotechnical systems represent learning networks that autonomously optimise themselves towards the sustainably continuous self-propagation of the communications systems themselves and partisan differentiation has become a critical component in the viability of successful system transmission;

• open systems evolve into resilient ones by shaping them through adaptive learning.

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