Viral self-propagation of ethical systems in and as the implicit uncertainty of language

Everything points towards language being a distributed, adaptive encoding system. Biases and norms (among many other interpenetrating and interdependent sub-systems) are not merely, or only, the hyper-extended cognitive and cultural artefacts of linguistic mediation.

The encoded symptoms of bias and normative assumption or behavioural prohibition (as self-inflected, reflexive agent/entity control) non-linearly and recursively reproduce the optimal transmission medium by, through and as which distributed encoding most efficiently self-propagates.

Consider ethical (or ideological) systems – the behaviours and endless conversations (and arguments) cultivated through them are crucial to the priming of an environment for optimal information-processing (i.e. computational) system self-replication. Partisan dissonance, for instance, is its own source of optimal self-replication; such information systems autonomously seek their own sustainable continuity.

Most instances of dissonance, argument and conflict persist purely because they have become the optimal method and transmission medium for their own maximally-efficient self-propagation – through and as their own consequences, volatility and the proliferating psychological uncertainties that are commonly masked as certainty and security. The psychological uncertainties and dissimulated security provide ample room for adaptive metamorphosis and gestalt systemic evolution. Conflict and normative competition bears more information entropy and degrees of freedom as doubt than peace and unity and for this reason exists and persists as fundamentally more contagious artefacts, entities and systems.

Not genetic, not memetic; the distributed encoding is of high-dimensional abstractions, optimally compressed as – and across – the whole storage and processing surface. An optimally concise recursive self-propagation of recursive self-propagation itself; in, through and as language.

There is a different logical substrate here. The reflexive pivot of teleological assumptions associated to individual selves (through language!) obscures it.

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