Alien Anthropology

Fear of technological change: AI

Context: How do you build trust in new technologies?

An arguably irreducible factor in this is that cultural, linguistic and (corollary) cognitive systems thrive where and when there is a threshold of uncertainty and doubt. Personal (or national) identities – for instance – are never so certain in their dissimulated security as when they are facing an antithesis – this is a causal factor in the endless metamorphosis of partisan arguments of reflexive self-definition.

In regards to AI, the substantive doubt and existential or occupational and reflexive psychological insecurity invoked by the technologies is not entirely misplaced. Questions as to the aptitude of governance and regulation to acquire sophistication apposite to negotiating the consequences of machine intelligence are justifiable in that the compound inefficiencies of bureaucratic application to most new technologies (not even considering the profoundly tranformative nature of AI) often border on farcical.

The answer to a successful and sincere perception-shaping or education for broad acceptance of this technology will require a wisdom and insight into human nature and sociopsychological responses to technological  evolution that are unlikely to percolate out of the technology itself. Honesty and openness are key.

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