Viral self-propagation of ethical systems in and as the implicit uncertainty of language

Everything points towards language being a distributed, adaptive encoding system. Biases and norms (among many other interpenetrating and interdependent sub-systems) are not merely, or only, the hyper-extended cognitive and cultural artefacts of linguistic mediation. The encoded symptoms of bias and normative assumption or behavioural prohibition (as self-inflected, reflexive agent/entity control) non-linearly and recursively reproduce the […]

communication Philosophy

Improbable Insights

What we require most critically is insight and effective methods for sharing valuable information with other minds. This is quite probably the most difficult communication task with which to successfully engage.


Harm Minimisation and Epidemiological Criminology ?

An epidemiological approach to violent crime ? It has proven to be a successful strategy and seems to me to be eminently sensible.