The Release from Deception

‘The Release from Deception’ (1754) by Francesco Queirolo

There was a time when I used to stare into sunsets and ask the sun what it was. I would raise my eyes to the starry skies and silently whisper to myself that such vaulted majesty just can not be real. I spent years learning, accumulating knowledge and deep intuitions about the stars, the galaxies, the spiralling, twisting, living and dynamical spacetime of a Universe folded back upon, into, through and as itself in sparkling mystery and an enigmatic profusion of sentient awareness.

Now, I take this Cosmic mystery for granted, as real and it is the everyday world of our (all too human) lives that I doubt. Our shallow little worlds of confusion and excitement – they are all so precious and so absurd. We take it all so seriously, this game we play but in the end it is all just so much ash and dusty emptiness. So beautiful and yet so alone; what a life.

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