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Freudian Slip

What we as often fail to acknowledge is that not only are these kinds of sub-surface energies, entities and artefacts of cognition and consciousness percolating up at all times and requiring control, suppression and endless maintenance to allow us to be able to even function or participate in a social context – there is also a very real sense in which this process of active control over what is ultimately a much vaster and deeper ocean of cognitive or information-processing activity – it *is* what consciousness is.

We consider ourselves as the controller, the pilot of the ship of our own inadmissible passions or unacknowledged and discontinuous senses of self but the truth is: we are only that self-inflected act of control, something of an optical illusion invoked by the existential requirements for maintenance of life and sustainable continuity in this environment. It’s quite profoundly hollow, this self we carry around as a responsibility and obligation to the shared fictional narrative of whichever times and places we might find ourselves inhabiting.

The point: you most certainly do exist, just not in the way you think you do. It is a resonance and dissonant enigma between appearance and facts which instils meaning into life.

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