COVID’S Metamorphosis, revisited

Context: A Language AI Is Accurately Predicting Covid-19 ‘Escape’ Mutations

A fascinating method of discovery. An inference here is that the underlying information and energy-processing characteristics or adaptive, dynamical symmetries of viral RNA and linguistic structure possess a common logical antecedent.

We might, indeed, perform such ontological archaeology through or as the indefinitely-extensible “languages” of physics and mathematics to discover that the apparent mysteries of emergent insight, pattern recognition or procedural efficiencies derived through high-dimensional machine intelligence models are themselves (also) branches off the same tree.

It’s really not such an astonishing convergence. Most sufficiently sophisticated complex systems acquire characteristics of soliton-like autonomous self-propagation. It is a natural bias and all “successful” (i.e. sustainably continuous) information-encoding processes or otherwise optimally-concise representational algorithms are instances of it, as is – if it is not a “bridge too far” here – life and organic, embodied intelligence in this Universe.

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