An Unconscious Narrative

Unconscious and unacknowledged, the true power of narrative lies in the self-propagating autonomy it expresses - above and beyond any putative human control. We do not own the stories and meanings through which we live so much as they own us but an essential dissimulation of reflexive psychological self-definition endlessly fails, and is foundationally unable, to recognise this fallacy.

Human Intelligence 2.0

A characteristically long and wordy waffle on the topic of human intelligence, the cognitive hyper-extension of technology, an iterative fracture of grand narrative into abbreviated artefacts, unconscious biases and a Global turn towards authoritarianism.

Dreams, Cultures, Identities

Dreams are narratives in which the clear logical and temporal boundaries required to function in the world dissolve, where the images are all the time already present in the mind and there intermingle and reconcatenate into new and potentially novel configurations and metamorphoses. Myths and archetypes are...