S.O.S. Planet Earth

Science seeks underlying patterns and abbreviated logical explanations (as equation, model and approximation or general framework) to describe and manipulate nature but this is always at an inadvertent and inverse cost of generating precisely the same quantity of unmanageable complexity and disorder as that control and value or utility it brings. There exists a general equivalence between the accelerating combinatorial complexity of our world and the sheer incompressible high-dimensionality of the problem spaces it generates.

Once having stepped across the boundary and event horizon into this self-accelerating system, we are bound to forever now hurtle towards an infinite asymptote of complex technologies and logical hyper-inflation. We can not escape entropy and nor can we escape the fact that our minds and languages (not to mention the existing international society of states, such as it is) are quite catastrophically overwhelmed by the complexity of our situation.

So, if we can be fairly confident in asserting that it is highly unlikely that anyone (or anything) is coming to save us from ourselves, what are we (all) to do?

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