COVID-19, Cybersecurity and an Underlying Enigma

“The joint statement did not name any of the attacked organizations, but two people familiar with the matter said one of the targets was Gilead, whose antiviral drug remdesivir is the only treatment so far proven to help patients infected with COVID-19. The hacking infrastructure used in the attempt to compromise the Gilead executive’s email […]

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Information Age: Influence and Deception, the Omnipresence of Conflict

A game of information, influence and seeded (or targeted) turbulence is unlikely to be winnable (or won) by reproducing and reinforcing the structural, organisational components that merely reproduce and self-validate the axioms, grammars and rules of that game. These games are won by rewriting the rules; by extending an existing grammar and logical framework in […]


Unhackable Systems ?

Creating an “unhackable” system is a lofty aspiration; systemic closure is an implicit logical problem.


Digital Insecurity is the new Digital Security

The reason that no one has been able to provide sufficient, comprehensive and integrated responses to digital security is that no sufficient, comprehensive and integrated response to digital security actually exists.