On Paradoxical Love

What would you do if you discovered that the only reason you even existed was to bring compassion, love and happiness or even the possibility of hope and light or learning and wisdom into the life of a truly beautiful, fascinating, sensitive and brilliant human being that you were almost certain to never meet? We are all in just such a shared dilemma of unrequited love and inadvertently problematic companionship because this Other is essentially our own Self. In those rarest of rare or unexpected moments that like falling stars flare brightly and briefly across the night skies of our lives – if you might be lucky enough and against all odds find yourself hidden there as the poetry and music that dances like Spring flowers in the garden of another’s heart and mind, cherish them as you would the only life you will ever know – this all only ever happens once in the Universe.

A paradoxical love: my greatest joy has been my greatest sorrow.

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