On the freedom of choosing not to choose…

Artist unknown.

It remains an unrelenting mystery and enigmatic fact that this world of ours is exquisitely well-tuned for producing precisely the wrong kind of complexity. This is to say that the technological and geopolitical trajectory that humanity on the whole feels compelled to create, reproduce or cultivate is quite clearly one of least optimal solutions of all we might choose for ourselves from the vast combinatorial space of all possible worlds.

Why is this? It is because we do not for the most part choose but rather align ourselves and our symbolic worlds to an illusion that control is really anything other than a clumsy attempt to justify the unmanageable chaos and patterned complexity we find ourselves inhabiting. It is not all bad, certainly, and every now and then an act of compassion triumphs but the belligerent insecurity of this naked ape is a morass we are all unlikely to escape any time soon.

The world recreates itself through us every bit as much as we recreate ourselves through it and it is in the end our aspiration to complete and total control or psychological, cultural and ideological self-definition that ensures we will never obtain anything even vaguely resembling closure or control. Freedom is not of self, it is from self.

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