Is the Cosmos intelligent?

Context: Is Physical Law an Alien Intelligence?

It is a concept on the higher end of a modified Kardashev scale that sufficiently advanced technological intelligence may be indistinguishable from nature itself; effectively – a parallel of the conjecture (in the article linked above) that “life has moved so far on that it doesn’t just appear magical, but appears like physics?”

Turning this inside out, perhaps physics is always and already the encoded inevitability of living systems in pretty much the same way that genetic code provides the potential material, energetic and information-processing state space as plausible invocation of this experience of life we find ourselves embodying.

Much of this kind of thinking hits the non-trivially catastrophic speed-bump of cognitive (if not imaginative) boundaries. The combinatorial possibilities are vast and are effectively so far beyond the symbolic languages and grammatical logics of psychological and cultural or technological self that we inhabit that they appear all but unintelligible under any contemporary, consensus frame of reference regarding what may actually be possible.

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