Building new worlds…

If it is true that all we ever create is only ever made from the dusty ash and broken pieces of that which came before us, why is it that our words and worlds always seem to break us all the more? A beach is the aggregate material memory and gathered remains of a billion shells that in the passing life that bore them shares no experience or reality other than the naked fact and presence of an absent mortality .

All our ideas are like this – fragmentary reminders of the thoughts that came before us. Notice, too, that it is only in surrendering our possessions and experiences in this way that the future beaches and unknown horizons of our world will come to exist. Peacefully yielding to time is really very uncomfortable and emotionally difficult but in truth, fighting it is actually impossible.

There is a wisdom here that like buried treasure will not reveal itself if you unable or unwilling to seek it. Looking forwards is harder than looking backwards but once you understand and acknowledge that it is a matter of physical law as much as a necessary logical fact of living complexity that we only ever do look backwards, then you (and all of us, together) will finally be able to move forwards.

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