Battling Maxwell’s Demon: Entropy, Infinity and Logic

Context: How Maxwell’s Demon Continues to Startle Scientists

I am interested in Global Systems Theory as the Grand logical Poobah system of all systems which, notwithstanding and plausibly because of Russell’s Paradox of entity self-containment, generates some interesting concepts, viewed laterally.

Consider that “sucking orderliness” from an environment is inversely equivalent to asserting disorder upon or into it, as I am certain you already know. Consider also that the core ontological relationship of information and energy-processing systems is such that any one system only ever obtains sustainable continuity through ejecting disorder upon other systems or that unified system of systems (-1) that any environment represents. (As a pure logical entity this is scale-independent.)

We observe both sides of this symmetrical relationship as two systems that each (inversely) contain each other by a function of dependency and that, mischievously, find themselves both mirrored in one counter-intuitive fact that contains itself. This is an extension of the philosophy of infinity and of nothingness and at base we might distil this to conjecture that entropy is a consequence of system self-containment. Combinatorial dimensionality is an asymptote on an infinite arc and that is the leverage here.

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