Prometheus Decoded

Context: Prometheus’ Toolbox

Even if the only way we might ever find technology viscerally intelligible is as just such a Golem of projected corporeal self-inflection, we almost always seem to miss an important point. That which is created or copied and which then endlessly regenerates itself with all the logical necessity of a Von Neumann universal constructor is only ever instanced in the device, the object, the mechanism or the system.

The instance is the surface, the exterior and transient medium of transmission. That which is manifest in any particular instance is the pattern, the symmetry as a self-propagating compression wave of information and energy-processing that acquires adaptive morphological utility defined in, through or as a presence (or inverse absence) of human bodies, perceptual modalities and the cognitive hyper-extension of technology.

Monsters or miracles, mythologies or blueprints – the symbolic kernel of historical (and pragmatic contemporary) systems development is only ever a continuously unfurling recursive decompression wavefront of encoding and decoding complexity. Anchoring reflexive narratives on bodies, both fictional and real, we fail to recognise that even material selves are mere transient instances of information entropy.

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