Cosmological Autodidact


Context: Can the Universe Learn?

It seems to be something of an inevitability, in some sense, that the mothership from whence all complex emergence arises is itself an instance and template case of autonomously self-propagating distributed learning systems ontology. The inadmissibility, in general, of such concepts is very much more a consequence of rank psychological fear instilled by (and distilled to) the possibility of the existence of an unfolding and effectively amorphous metamorphosis of unsupervised learning both in and as the world itself. Avoiding this loss of control in any embodied epistemological (or extended: cognition as technological) sense is quite mischievously an inverse indication of the skeleton key into engineering solutions for sustainably-continuous distributed systems integration.

We find ourselves seeking explanatory systems for that which is observable, demonstrable, provably “real” but can not quite escape the self-gravitational burden of existential, psychological and culturally-invoked self-interest that shapes our reflexive and aggregate self-validations. In this way we obscure, as though by blindspot, the central feature here. The unifying principle is itself the manifest presence of a logical absence as adaptive propulsive core.

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