Political Belief

Agnostic perspectives on human behaviour are still possible.

Political systems, as much as the ideologies which endlessly resonate through them, are very much not as controlled or indicative of individual or collective self-determination as people might choose to believe.

There is certainly choice, just as there is responsibility, but the overall complex dynamical system as information and energy-processing field that these artefacts  embody is subject to cyclic oscillation and the periodic cataclysmic of chaotic discontinuity beyond systems of belief and all associated narrative teleologies.

The unrelenting irony of political self-determination under any ideological reference frame is that the limited aptitude of individuals to perceive the distributed influences and identity-shaping factors of their broader contexts is a necessary precondition for the emergence and percolation of effectively narcissistic tribal attachments to ideology.

We fundamentally misunderstand politics as being the directed will and rational assertion of identity or self-interest when these are really symptoms and superficial consequences of a self-propagating information pattern that, in gestalt, maximally replicates in and as a transmission medium composed of difference, distance, dissonance and alienation.

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